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Hunting Trips 

Wounded Heroes Hunting Camp takes wounded combat veterans and their families on hunting and fishing trips.  Our Heroes come from all across the United States on our trips and leave with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Group Trips
Hunting trips are designed for smaller groups so more time is available to spend with the Heroes to give them a better experience.  We want to make for the most unforgettable experience possible.

The entire trip will be paid for by the Wounded Heroes Hunting Camp, from travel and lodging to every aspect of the hunt.  Our primary fundraiser each year is the Trap Shoot for Heroes.  We are an all-volunteer organization and every donation helps fund another WHHC Outdoor Adventure for our Wounded Heroes!


Wounded Heroes Hunting Camp,

     I personally wanted to reach out and send a big thank you your way; after my injuries sustained in Iraq in 2003 and being medically retired I have had the opportunity to hunt with a lot of different organizations through the years, in my opinion there has been no other organization that has even come close to the support and passion you put towards us wounded soldiers. I have had the opportunity to take part in two of your donated hunts and am very grateful for the great memories you provided for not only me but my family. After being surrounded by WHHC's support I have made it my personal mission to get back out there and enjoy the outdoors as I once did before my injuries. I would also like to thank all of the WHHC donors and sponsors, your support is very appreciated! 

Matthew Houston
CPL - United States Army RET

Wounded Heroes Hunting Camp,

     I just wanted to write to you guys and tell you thank you so much for the opportunity afforded to me and fellow injured service members. It really means a lot to be able to get out and share some time, stories, and hunting experiences with other guys that understand what we have been through. It means a lot to know there are so many people who care about us and makes me proud to have sacrificed what little I did for this great country.
Thanks again,
Sgt Chris Brink
USMC Retired

Dear Trap Shoot Event Volunteers & Participants, 

     From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all of you for your help and generosity for coordinating this event for me and my fellow brothers.  The event helped me reconnect and share different experiences with them.  With my injuries, the event helped me with my fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.  Learning and properly executing gun safety also made me aware of how to properly handle any weapon.  The people that you had at the event also helped me learn a new skill.  Being able to shoot the clay pigeons made me feel excited and accomplished that I was able to pick up trap shooting. I hope in the near future that I can continue learning this skill and I hope that this event will help other veterans like it did me!

Thank you,
Shane Parsons

To Jeremy & WHHC,

      I just wanted to let you know that you provided an outstanding atmosphere and awesome experience for me on Friday May 8th and Saturday May 9th. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was pleased that I had the opportunity to meet and talk to you. You truly put forth an amazing effort with your staff for the trap shoot. I was able to meet C.J. who taught me and others what trap shooting was and the ins and outs of shooting. The people that helped you with this event are extremely generous and giving of their time. You and your mind must've been going a thousand miles an hour with everything going on, yet everything went off very well. The shoot was fun and full feeling as I had not shot a weapon since my range qualifying days over nine years ago. I have been deer hunting since leaving the military but that was with a crossbow. I have regained some of the control of my life that has been missing for quite some time. 

      Matt and Shane are friends, but you were able to bring Chris into that circle. I've been impressed with our brotherhood and sisterhood that we share. Your efforts have made my healing and others a little easier. I applaud you and your teams efforts in your endeavors!

 Semper Fi devil dog!

Ed Godwin

Wounded Heroes Hunting Camp,

     First I want to thank the founder of this great organization that gave me the opportunity to hunt and meet new people that now I consider friends Jeremy Harbaugh. I got the chance to meet and hangout with Jeremy at the 4th Annual Trap Shoot for Heroes. He was an extremely nice guy that would give his shirt off his back if he needed to. Next I would like to thank Matt Houston for being a great guide, coach, and friend I got to meet. This big thank you is for Wendy & Tommy who are one of the nicest hosts I ever met. They opened their own home to us and gave us the opportunity to hunt on their amazing property, and also the amazing help from their friends that help with the hunt. Last I would like to thank the Northside Sportsmen Association for the great fun at the 4th annual Trap Shoot for Heroes. The overall experience with W.H.H.C. has helped me relaxed physically and mentally with the comradery of other fellow vets that go through the physical and mental struggles each day. When talking to other vets with their issues we learned the situations that happened or is happening while going through and after their transition out the military.  

Thank you once again,
Chris Rupp



 We are an all-volunteer organization and every donations goes towards achieving the mission.  Help WHHC take another Wounded Hero on an outdoor adventure by making a donation today!